“Thanks again for giving your time and energy to this!”

“I’m still appreciating the new listening awareness I got from the class. What I am most grateful for is having something to grab onto when inside I’m thinking “now how do I respond to this?” Also, it gives me more confidence when going into a charged situation that needs addressing (an angry child, for example). Thanks again for giving your time and energy to this.”

Anita Graf, Ithaca


  1. This ariclte went ahead and made my day.

  2. pimplepoppinmama I was hoping someone would be brave enough and take the time to post this! I saw it and thought wow but was too lazy to take the time! I liked it even though I couldn’t hear what he was saying. We don’t have speakers here at work. I gave it 5 stars for content and EFFORT!

  3. Nhà tôi có 1 số đồ chơi, quần áo cũ và truyện có thể gửi ủng hộ cho trường mẫu giáo Pa Chéo. Vậy tôi có thể gửi đến địa chỉ nào đây.

  4. Ya khalla Andrea.Fais preuve d’unpeu de respect au moins.COmment veux tu être entendu si tu parle comme à un chien ? Ya Ibn Kelb anta ajdad ou shu ?

  5. That’s a smart answer to a difficult question.

  6. Outra dica pra quebrar o tédio é emagrecer junto com amigos ou namorado(a). Fazer exercícios juntos e comparar a evolução de cada um. Sempre que um desanimar o outro ajuda a dar um up.

  7. Ha ha, I liked your reference to Mulan’s dragon. When I told my son about the dish he thought I was talking about Mey’s cat from Sid the Science Kid! Nice job with the challenge. You got some beautiful colors in your Moo Shu.

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