A customized version of the workshop was delivered to Kendal at Ithaca’s top 24 managers. Kendal Corporation is deeply committed to the core Quaker values of care, respect and trust. To that end, they conduct regular people skills trainings to insure embodiment of those values. The following glowing testimonial from the Human Resources Development Manager illustrates the power and value of this program:

From Kendal at Ithaca:

This is the most effective workshop we’ve had since I’ve been at Kendal. Here’s why:

  • Superb job tailoring the program to our culture.
  • Superb use of time. You introduced the concept of listening, demonstrated it, and then used most of the time for skills practice. We practiced more in this workshop than I believe we have in any other.
  • The design was excellent. Leading with demonstration engaged the group immediately. The role plays were very well done, with content and emotion delivered accurately.

The simplicity of the message was highly effective: information kept to a few flipchart pages with wonderfully large printing, and one skill taught, then practiced multiple times. We left with a tool we could start using immediately. I look forward to lunchtime discussions over the next few weeks when I hope to hear stories of people applying this skill at work and at home. This way of listening will shrink problem-solving time, improve trust, and enrich our culture with greater care and respect.

–Laura Peters, Human Resources Development Manager, Kendal at Ithaca