“The Art of Listening” at Ithaca College; sampling of course evaluations:

“The course has been life-changing for me. Listening is a very important skill that I think everyone should learn. The instructor is very educated on the subject.” Ithaca College Physical Therapy student 

“This course introduced me to a way of listening that really has changed my view on problem solving and helping others.” Ithaca College Physical Therapy student

“This course has given me the skill to get from point A to point B much easier. Making breakthroughs when listening to a speaker is much less of a challenge. Sue Cosentini was very vital in this class,  she presented the information very well with incredible examples to give crystal clear understanding.” Ithaca College Physical Therapy student

“Sue is the master at listening. I have grown tremendously because of Sue’s influence.” Ithaca College Physical Therapy student 

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